.45 ACP Weapons Pack

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This is 3/4 of Izayo’s firearms mod pack.

  • Added .45 ACP, (something that is between 9mm. and .44magnum) 4 variants
    • Normal
    • Armor Piercing = good againts armored enemies
    • Overloaded = more damage, also will ruin your gun faster
    • Enhanced Ammunition = an experimental ammunition. Put every effects above in to a bullet + also cause bleeding effect
  • Added 8 guns (4 pistols 4 SMGs) that uses vanilla item mods

Pistol (Craftable/Lootable/Purchasable)

  • Webley 45 Revolver = a famous british sidearm rechamberd to uses .45 ACP
  • Colt M1911 = another famous Automatic pistol used in both world war
  • Mk.23 SOCOM = a typical pistol. Designed for special forces. Look pretty cool with full mods laser/silencer/gunsight
  • Eagle 6 = a customized M1911, specifically to use the prototype “.45 Enhanced Ammunition”

Sub-Machine Gun (Craftable/Lootable/Purchasable)

  • Mac-10 = a cheap SMG came with a silencer (can’t take it out because he’s lazy AF)
  • Thompson Sub-Machinegun = a famous SMG of WW2, if you attach with the drum magazine it will use alternative magazine model.
  • SMPX = basically MP5 that shoot .45ACP
  • HK UMP = best gun in this pack

7 days to die .45 acp weapons pack additional screenshot 1


  • Izayo doesn’t want these pistols to be overshadowed by the SMGs so he remove “.45ACP Overloaded” in every SMGs
  • “Eagle 6” required 4 parts to craft. Parts and ammo can be only found in loots and traders (very low chance)
  • “Eagle 6” will came with a scope, can attach with reflexsight and 2x scope (will use the vanilla aiming screen)

7 days to die .45 acp weapons pack additional screenshot 2

Coming Soon

. ???

Special Thanks

  • Demo’s Gaming. He reviewed Izayo’s mod and also help him with the xml. files. His YT channel.
  • BFT2020
  • Many free models from sketchfab
  • Sounds from L4D2, CSGO, random videos on YouTube
  • Guys who teach him how to mod, use unity

Report bugs/problems in the comment. Izayo recommended to play with vanilla game.



Fixed mk23 prefab, mk23 and ump’s sounds not compatible with Tactical Action mod

Download from Mega
Download from Google Drive

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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25 thoughts on “.45 ACP Weapons Pack

  1. Great Mod! We use your Mods as the only weapon mods, nice balance.
    Is there a chance to get a G3? 😉
    Keep up the great work, you make our evenings more enjoyable!

    Two thumbs up!

  2. do these or the other weapon mods you have utilize any perks like gunslinger for the pistols or machine gunner for the AR’s?

  3. Hey, nice mod! I’m using both 5.56 pack and this, models are really good, but can you make pistols smaller? Or not that close to the face? Pistols kinda stand out in a bad way. Rifles are almost at perfect position.
    I hate when weapons are to small, feel like toys, but this is too close even for me.

  4. not sure if anybody got this bug, but when i zoom using one of these weapons, my storage box and gun safes get blurry

    1. yeah, I used to do that way but since I only use a single animation controller group (borrowed from TA mod) I need to sepperate them one by one.

  5. This file cannot be viewed or downloaded at this time.

    This file has been viewed or downloaded by too many users recently. Try accessing the file again later. If the file is particularly large or has many users accessing it, it may take up to 24 hours for you to view or download it. If you still don’t have access after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

    Hi there

    having Trouble downloading this Mod not sure why!!!

    No Problems with your other Weaponmods, they are awesome keep up the good Work 🙂

    1. Large File Size + Too many downloads in a short time = Google Drive Limit

      @Izayo You can use Gitlab to eliminate such problems.

  6. Hey Mate Another conflict with Tactical weapons again. its with the weapon MK23 and its sounds. tactical firearms already has MK23. i think you will fix this problem.
    your Mods are great so far keep it up mate

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