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Are you bored of swimming constantly in 7 Days to Die? Good news! Here is a great mod for you. Now, you have some water vehicles for 7 Days to Die!

After discovering and making a vehicle float on water uncontrollably sometime ago Ragsy kept on going back to it inbetween other work he was doing and eventually made controllable versions of various in game vehicles both the pimps ones and some custom models by Guppycur and DUST2DEATH purely as proof of concept.

Guppy then kindly bought and rigged some custom boat models especially for this endeavour and they chose the flat bottomed boat version as the most suitable for the start of the water vehicles project.

Ragsy thanks Guppy for his time and his efforts on the models ‘xml modlet’ version of boating, its still a work in progress but usable (no SDX or DMT) so far.

Reminder: This mod does not change water blocks at all, so its going to be just add the xml modlet and off you go/float. And as per usual with mods that add new models both client and server would need the mod.


Place the boat in water in a ‘shallow water’ area that is fairly level ground underneath, boat will rise to surface ready for use once placed, if you have no shallow water in your map then build a small launch dock like in this example kindly supplied by sinder.

Then add fuel to boat and off you go. The boats are economical on fuel so fuel will last a very very long time.

The boat will behave irratically if placed on land and will damage player made blocks, it will move about a bit on its own but is perfectly stable on water.


Space bar and C control the up and down angles (same as a gyro) which you may need to adjust slightly as you travel on water. Steer the boats with the A and D keys.

If you let go of W and shift (Turbo) then the boat slowly comes to a stop, pressing S will slow the boat down more quickly this replaces Spacebar as the brake key.

To ‘anchor the boat’ and stop it drifting away use C and Spacebar to level the boat until it stops drifting, useful if you have a fishing mod installed.

General Information

Boats can be picked up into inventory if you sink it at any point provided the ‘inventory is empty’, although be careful if you sink it too far away from the shores as it could be a long swim back or a long swim to recover the boats.


The boats are craftable in a standard workbench with no progression needed as the boats are intended as an early game version at the cost of resources and actually finding a working workbench early in the game would be a bonus and allow you to make the boats a lot sooner. The recipe is simple and uses in game resources.

The Future

Along the way hopefully they can expand this to have some bigger boats and different types of watercraft such as, a canoe, a raft, small sail boat, fishing boat and perhaps even a jetski.


Update Version 2

  • Fixed exit position thanks to DUST2DEATH for the info on his APC exit co-ordinates…

Update Version 3

  • Fully updated to A18 compatible xml physics and boats now placeable in water.

Update Version 4

  1. Fixed momentum and now boats will slowly come to a halt and stop… They stop quicker with pressing the S key
  2. Both boats can anchor in water just make sure boats are level in the water using c or spacebar and they wont drift away… Useful for fishing mods and the like.
  3. Fixed placing in water… Boats were slow to come to surface.
  4. Boat stabilty improved and stopped the random quick sinking when tilted too much.
  5. Added a second seat to the flat bottomed boat (not tested in MP yet).
  6. Adjusted turn rates and speeds to more suitable levels (subjective).
  7. Boat names changed for readability… May effect modlets that reference the original names.

Note: With the amount of changes you must start a new save after installing this version. If you install during a current game you will loose the boats you have made. For best result remove version 3 when you finish your current game and then install version 4 and start a new game.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Ragsy2145, Guppycur
Additional Credits: 7 Days to Die Forum community, The Fun Pimps, The ‘Crew’ on Guppy’s Discord, Haidrgna

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