Active Ingredients

7 days to die active ingredients, 7 days to die recipes

This is a QoL/UI mod that lets you click on ingredient entries to access recipes to produce the ingredient. On click, it searches for recipes that produce the selected ingredient, lists them, and auto-selects the top one. Ingredients with no recipes to produce them have no hover effect and do not respond to clicks.


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Credits: Redbeardt

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6 thoughts on “Active Ingredients

  1. This mod seems to be broken in some way. Having the ‘7DaysToDie_Data’ files in makes the game crash when loading into a map. Perhaps because it makes the game believe it’s in 19.2, and attempts to make the map load in as that version, as opposed to the current 19.4?

  2. not working for me, seems like the Assembly-CSharp.dll is causing a black screen after launching, please fix, thank you

  3. for whatever reason, this mod broke airdrops for me. had to remove it and verify my files to fix my game, which was returning object instantiation errors whenever an airdrop would happen after install. otherwise really cool mod.

  4. this is what we have always needed. simple information. ive not installed it or run with it yet but if it does what it says then HATS OFF to you for making this mod my man… now I’m off to test it out

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