Advanced Forge

7 days to die advanced forge, 7 days to die more slots

This mod adds the advanced forge.


  • Does not require any fuel
  • Does not attract screamers
  • 3 Slots for smelting
  • Larger crafting output
  • Faster smelting (Industrial Bellows tool)
  • Faster crafting (Industrial Anvil tool)

7 days to die advanced forge additional screenshot 1

7 days to die advanced forge additional screenshot 2

7 days to die advanced forge additional screenshot 3

7 days to die advanced forge additional screenshot 4


Version 2.7

  • Added larger output crafting
  • Added Industrial Bellows for faster smelting
  • Added Industrial Anvil for faster crafting

Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer.


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If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Zilox

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28 thoughts on “Advanced Forge

  1. Zilox I used your based scripting to make my own version of the advanced forge, would you mind if I credited your scripting, and posted it on this here website

  2. Hey,
    i’ve just got 2 smelting spots in the Advanced one.
    Do u guys got a tip for me, that i can get the 3 smelting spots?

      1. I’ve updated the server side version to include 3 slots for Alpha 20. This will be released as soon as A20 is released.

  3. I would use this if it used electricity or batteries for fuel or something. but requring no fuel at all just feels cheaty

    1. Feel free to modify it as you wish, this mod was created as a quality of life change for players that aren’t into hardcore playthroughs.

  4. Yes it is possible to change the model as long as you have another one already made in unity, or if you want to change it to a model already in the game. you would need to change the Blocks.xml config file under “AdvancedForge”
    Change that to whatever yours is called in your resources file and the name of the empty object prefab in unity.

  5. The forge doesn’t seem to have its own internal inventory for crafted items when using the SMX patch. I have to leave the UI open while crafting in order to get the items, like crafted ingots, directly into my inventory rather than the forge’s inventory.

  6. Zilox I am creatinf a mod called (ORE factory) and woold love to use your forge modle and some of your coding and of course I will credit you for the awesome work you have done with this mod

  7. i ran this mod with 17 other mods that are small and i couldn’t get a friend to connect without the console spamming errors. so we removed it from multiplayer a20.3 i think the current version is? but it seemed to work fine for both of us independently… its odd, dont know how to fix the issue.

  8. No matter how I try, even with a patch, the mod still doesn’t work correctly. The window of finished products turns out to be behind the user inventory.

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