Advanced Generator

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Updates the battery bank to automatically shut down the generator when all batteries are fully charged and start it up when they are all flat.

Also adds ‘Generator Fuel’ a barrel that when placed beside the generator you can put gas in it that will be automatically added to your generator when its about to run out of fuel.

The generator fuel block must be placed so the pipe sits over the generators gas cap.

You can have relays between the generator and battery bank but nothing else or it wont turn it on and off.

The changes are made to the original generator and battery banks. If you want to use just the battery bank part or just the refueling part of this mod you can make changes in the config/blocks.xml

You should only connect 1 battery bank per generator or it wont function correctly. He’ll look into fixing this once he has all his other mods updated.

This is a DMT mod. So requires DMT Modding Tool.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Three08

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4 thoughts on “Advanced Generator

  1. Great mod. I’d suggest releasing it as a harmony patch so its compatible with overhaul mods that use a modified mods.dll.
    I’ve already modified it myself for this purpose

    1. I’m still learning how to use harmony, is this just a matter of moving the 2 MonoBehaviour scripts over to the harmony folder?

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