Animal Snares for A18

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Do you remember Valmar’s animal capture mod? Here it is. This 7 Days to Die mod allows you to place traps that can capture animals at the Alpha 18 game version.

The chicken coop will give you two options. You can either wait for it to spawn a chicken nest that you can loot for eggs and feathers or you can destroy the coop before it gets the nest to kill the chicken and get some meat. Also added an optional recipe book if you want to have it gated.

Adaptation to A18 (by Stallionsden):

  • Chicken and Animal traps
  • Chicken nest destroys upon looting final stage
  • Animal Snares resets after looting final stage


  • Fixed animal snares so now they do as they are designed to do. (new)
  • Adjusted loot container numbers to allow continuation of the new classes added.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Valmar, Stallionsden

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