Animal Snares

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Create traps to capture chickens and rabbits to get meat and eggs and feathers.


  • (new) Stallionsden changed the location where the book is found to working stiff crate now and gave it a loot prob verylow so shouldnt be found as much.
  • Loot changes.
  • Updated to A20.
  • Updated to remove the extra rubbish.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Valmar, Stallionsden

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6 thoughts on “Animal Snares

  1. do the snares work on some kind of timer or random server tick or does an animal physically have to get caught in the snares

  2. Only thing i noticed that was strange with this mod being active is that on map load i get red text saying that my country codes are invalid and connections are unable to be accepted and are refused.

    Does this mod cause issues with multiplayer or something?

  3. le taux de loot du mod est beaucoup trop élever, sur mes airdrop buffer et le taux de loot a 300% j’en obtient 5 a 10 partout !!!!!!
    Comment règle sa? je voudrais avoir que 1 ou 2 plan maximum et que sur les air drop

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