Apocalypse Mod

7 days to die apocalypse mod

This mod makes 7 Days to Die more fun and challenging.

The List of Changes

  • HP/Stamina Goes up to 300
  • For every level you gain, your gamestage is increased with 2.4 instead of the 1.2 you gain in vanilla.
  • Added big list of zombies and Hostile Animals
  • Re-done horde-nights/sleepers/screamer hordes
  • Custom roaming hordes
  • Toilet pistols are back and double shotgun
  • Better treasure loot
  • Night time is not a quiet place anymore. Weak radiated zombies will show up, you have been warned
  • Made the candy craftable through a perk (to unlock it you need Master Chef Third perk)
  • Changed the candy cost from 100 to 500
  • Reduced Basic Survival Quests from 8 quests to 1 quest
  • After Finishing Basic Survival Quest you will get few tools and melee weapon
  • When you get special quest from trader to another you will get coins
  • Added Scrap tools/scarp iron club
  • Added Stainless steel
  • Added scrap iron bars and steel bars
  • Change Night vision Goggles color from green to red
  • Lowered all Armor Physical Resistance/Elemental Resistance. So you won’t be Immortal anymore
  • Vehicles takes double amount of fuel to fill it up
  • Traders re-stock every 2 days
  • Traders has now bigger amount of ammo and resources
  • Nerfed the amount of ammo you find it in loot
  • Crafting ammo now is much cheaper

Special thanks to Khaine, Telric, Valmar, War3zuk for those great mods:


New update is out!


  • Legendary and Mutated zombies shows up too early in some Poi’s like Hospital, Fixed.
  • Added custom background and Logo
  • Steel blocks were not upgradeable to stainless steel, Fixed.
  • Buff almost all guns
  • Wandering hordes were too strong from early game, Fixed.
  • Added bears and demolitions to wandering horde
  • Reduced the amount of special ammo you get from loot (Valmars Expanded Ammo Types modlet)
  • Reduced weak radiated zombies spawn rate at night
  • Reduced hostile animals spawn rate at Day/Night
  • Weak rad zombies start to show up in poi’s at 15 Gamestage
  • Reduced the Amount of Books you get from Loot/Trader

This update doesn’t require a restart.

Also available on the mod launcher!

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: killerbunny264, KhaineGB, Telric, Valmar, War3zuk

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  1. So… I just follow the steps to how to installs mod in 7 days to die , and for this one it doesnt work… Do i need to do something special?

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