Arsenal Mod

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Here’s a little weapon mod Z06Frank has been working on. It adds the Barrett M82, called the anti material rifle in game and the .50BMG round. Also featured is the Pancor Jackhammer, called the Jackhammer in game. Both guns and ammo can be found in loot or at vendors in late game stage.

7dtd arsenal mod screenshot 1

7dtd arsenal mod screenshot 2

He is new at modding 7 Days to Die. The guns don’t have animations (bolts don’t move, mag wont move either) if someone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Z06Frank’s download link does not currently work. We hope he will add a working link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Z06Frank

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal Mod

      1. ASAP means now 4 days without response on that forum…NICE WORK :)))))

        Dont care anymore, im using HD Guns & Ammo mod that is so 1000times better :)))

          1. The first you wrote idk, but Wasteland yes, and i dont like the look of the guns…but yes, in this game they fitt perfectly i think…

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