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  1. So i figured it our already :
    You need to find recipes for special blocks…
    Then you can craft AutoWall Wood, Iron, Flagstone, Cobblestone or Concrete blocks…
    And it is working this way : you lay 1 block on the ground and it “grows” up to 6 blocks ! So it is GREAT for building concrete walls around your base 6-times quicker !!!

    I only want to figure out one thing – how to change the height of the walls to 50 :)))))) for super-ultra-speed building of towers :)))

  2. So, i tryied and removed the custom icons, and this mod works on public server too :)))
    You only dont see 2 icons of the 5 blocks, but thats absolutly not problem and doesnt matters !
    The mod works online without need to download and install it for all players and thats the important for me…

  3. great mod,

    would love to see it work for floors as well, as sometimes the blocks jump up as your about to place them, which is fing annoying as hell.

  4. If you want them to work underground add this…
    property name=”PlantGrowing.LightLevelGrow” value=”0″/

    Under this…
    property name=”PlantGrowing.LightLevelStay” value=”0″/
    Add the “” before and after like it is formatted in the xml.

    In each entry under blocks.xml
    Great mod, glad to see it updated!

  5. This walls have problem ? Concreate walls HP 2500/2500 vanilla has 5000hp And when try upgrade them to steel it goes in 20 steel bars but nothing heppen! so cant upgrade them!

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