5 thoughts on “Auto Wall

  1. So i figured it our already :
    You need to find recipes for special blocks…
    Then you can craft AutoWall Wood, Iron, Flagstone, Cobblestone or Concrete blocks…
    And it is working this way : you lay 1 block on the ground and it “grows” up to 6 blocks ! So it is GREAT for building concrete walls around your base 6-times quicker !!!

    I only want to figure out one thing – how to change the height of the walls to 50 :)))))) for super-ultra-speed building of towers :)))

  2. So, i tryied and removed the custom icons, and this mod works on public server too :)))
    You only dont see 2 icons of the 5 blocks, but thats absolutly not problem and doesnt matters !
    The mod works online without need to download and install it for all players and thats the important for me…

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