Baseball Bats

7 days to die baseball bats, 7 days to die melee weapons, 7 days to die weapons

A mod that demonstrates how to implement melee weapon modifiers, and adds new bats and modifiers in a compatible way with TFPs vanilla bat. New hi-def textures and mesh fixes provided by Dust2Death. Those textures for the modifiers were reduced to 1K for compatibility with most PCs. Schematic Icons by DukeW74. Hopefully some modders will want to make some more attachments for this mod and collaborate to make it a more finished mod.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Xyth, Dust2Death

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2 thoughts on “Baseball Bats

    1. Thanks for info. A19 version link removed. I guess the mod author removed the A19 files. Only A18 version available.

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