Better Perks: Lucky Looter

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Claymore has to admit: He really wanted to make it a Better Attributes mod, but then decided, it won’t fit.

This 7 Days to Die mod will grant you up to 100% granted drops and up to 5 times any stackable loot. Sounds OP, but is it? Think of doing hordes in A16 and the rewards you got. You went to the corpses, pressed E and got at least the resources back you depleted for.

A17 and A18 made hordes worse. Why do hordes? Farming 7 days, just to survive the next horde? What about doing quests? What about dungeons? What about to simply enjoy the awesome new RWG (no comparison to NitroGen, but anyways)? What about a bit of chilling? He try to bring you back this feeling with this mod. He hope you enjoy!

P.S.: He play at Insane with 64 blood moon zombies, 2 hour day, no loot respawn, no airdrops. Just, if you would have asked.

Compatibility: A18+


  • 1.0.1: Removed some leftovers from the localization before the mod got split up to separate mods.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Claymore

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