7 days to die blunderbow, 7 days to die weapons

Adds a new weapon to show archery some love. Server-side only – Players do not need to download! It should play nicely with other mods but let me know! You may want to change the damage if it’s too powerful, especially with exploding bolts, but crafting the item unlocks at Archery 3/5.

7 days to die blunderbow additional screenshot

We have a ton of other unique items on our BlewBarry Farms 7d2d server and we may release more for the community in the coming months! Come see what we have if you don’t want to wait!


If you appreciate Arcueid-Gray Sage’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Arcueid-Gray Sage

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2 thoughts on “BlunderBow

  1. Add this to the blunderbow items.xml

    passive_effect name=”EntityDamage” operation=”base_add” value=”-20″ tags=”perkArchery”

    With the appropriate less than/greater than symbols, if you want a flat 20 less damage on the overall shot for example, but you’ll have to experiment! Good luck

  2. I like the mod, but I’m having trouble nerfing it. The lowest damage me and my friend got it to was like 450. Any advice?

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