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This mod adds 7+1 new perks that can be unlocked with Bobbleheads from fallout.


Added new lootables:

  • Bobblehead: Strength
  • Bobblehead: Perception
  • Bobblehead: Endurance
  • Bobblehead: Charisma
  • Bobblehead: Intelligence
  • Bobblehead: Agility
  • Bobblehead: Luck

Added new recipe:

Nuka Cola (Collect all Bobblehead to unlock recipe)

Added new perks:

  • Bobblehead: Strength (+5% Headshot Damage in Strength Category)
  • Bobblehead: Perception (+5% Headshot Damage in Perception Category)
  • Bobblehead: Endurance (+5% Headshot Damage in Endurance Category)
  • Bobblehead: Charisma (+5% Selling and buying in Bartering)
  • Bobblehead: Intelligence (+5% Headshot Damage in Intelligence Category)
  • Bobblehead: Agility (+5% Headshot Damage in Agility Category)
  • Bobblehead: Luck (+2% Dismember Chance in Fighting)
  • All Bobbleheads: Ain’t He the Cutest? (Unlocks Nuka Cola)

Very rare to find them. (you only can find them from perkBooks loot group) Can’t buy them from traders.


Credits: GodRaiZer

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