Colored Container and Door States

7dtd colored container and door states

It is just a simple 7 Days to Die mod that gives you a colored feedback about the cointainer and door states.

7dtd colored container and door states screenshot 1

7dtd colored container and door states screenshot 2

7dtd colored container and door states screenshot 3

It shoud be compatible with other mods, because it is only an simple change of the localization.txt. Scomar tested it with Darkness Falls and it worked well.

Supported Languages: English and German in A18 and now new in A19 all languages supported.


  • v1.3: Added missing highlighting when pick-up items in the world.
  • New Version 1.25 is ready for Download: Added some new highlighted colors for some pick up and use interactions.
  • New version 1.2 for Alpha 19 with all language support uploaded.

Download for A19
Download for A18

If you appreciate Scomar’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Scomar

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4 thoughts on “Colored Container and Door States

  1. Thank you for this mod. Can’t believe this feature isn’t already in the vanilla game. It’s so obviously helpful quality of life feature.

    Works fine for A20.3.

  2. This little tweak is pretty helpful. You can see the state of a container at a glance without having to actually read it and your eyes automatically hone in on the important part of the pop up. Unobtrusive and I really like it.

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