Dan’s Electricity Blocks

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This is based on the work of others (Untamedwolf, zilizgarcia1122), but it just wasn’t quite right for Dcsobral’s tastes. This 7 Days to Die mod provides a bunch of “junction box”, plus a “top pole” electrical blocks, with the outgoing wire being invisible. For the most part they require more power than normal relays (2W) to account for the added benefit. Some are decorative, but the junction box block is the shape and stats of a reinforced concrete block, and upgrades to steel as well, making it a viable option to use as part of a wall. The top pole uses no power, but it’s expensive to make.

There’s two switches, which consume 1W in line with alpha 18.3 switches.

Electricity blocks now unlock by schematic as well, and have an updated localization file.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Dcsobral, Untamedwolf, Zilizgarcia1122

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