Decorative Variant Blocks

7dtd decorative variant blocks, 7 days to die building materials

This 7 Days to Die mod adds 20 craftable variant blocks full of decorative building blocks(block list).

Dozens and dozens of vanilla blocks categorized mostly by their component materials. Too many to list in an unobnoxious way here, so Andrough made the ReadMe that is linked.

Possible issue is balance. He tried to balance the recipes towards the high end of the less common ingredients with additional ingredients to cover cost/context all while keeping the added number of blocks/recipes down. It’s possible he missed some balancing-he is open to suggestion here.

There are some blocks available in the variant helpers that were already available in game, but he thought it would be convenient to group them together anyway.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Andrough

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5 thoughts on “Decorative Variant Blocks

  1. Can’t seem to build most blocks. There is a hammer icon on the right that corresponds to nothing : no fire, no workbench, chemistry or forge. Seems like there is a prerequisite but can’t figure out what, and it’s not written here.

    1. Most likely the recipe are listed as learnable in the code but perk or scheme was attached…author prob just has to remove that tag…that or your missing perk/skill to unlock it.

      1. Yes its working now !
        IDK why it doesnt worked before, maybe server load…but i really tried that about 5-6 times to download, and it stand on 0 files…
        (i have 30mbit net …)

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