Donovan UI

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A very simple customized UI.

  • Moves the food and water bars to the Left HUD underneath the health/stamina bars
  • Moves the EXP bar to underneath the toolbelt and makes it slightly larger
  • Adds the “locked slots” functionality back into the UI for the sort/stash buttons.
  • Add Elevation data to the Compass
  • This mod has been renamed from donovan-ui-simple


  • (new) Removed unnecessary locked slots from DonovanUI
  • Add Elevation data to the compass in Donovan UI
  • Renamed mod from donovan-ui-simple
  • Added a darker background behind many UI elements
  • Fix locked slots for backpack window in ui-simple


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Donovan

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4 thoughts on “Donovan UI

  1. is there anyway to change the water/food bars to show true value instead of percentages? We know that water gives 20, well, water, but my water capacity limit goes up as i level….

  2. I Have the same issue, there is an error about ‘PlayerStatsWindow’ not found. Also lockable stash doesn’t seem to be working either.

  3. I’m on A20 but I don’t get numbers for my hunger and thirst, just the green and blue bars. Any reason why this could be?

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