Donovan’s Mods All in One

7 days to die donovan's mods all in one

If you were wondering which mods use should use for the “best” experience, look no further. Here you go! This includes all the functionality from Donovan’s recommended mods, compiled into a single mod.

You’re still welcome to pick and choose additional mods to use, of course, but this serves as a one-stop-shop for the included mods.

Which Mods Included


Updated for A20.


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Donovan

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3 thoughts on “Donovan’s Mods All in One

  1. Bonjour merci ce mod et magnifique il rend le jeu équilibré de plus avec votre autre mod Big Backpack et Level Faster la au vois que le jeu et bien plus équilibre ça c’est une difficulté normal je vous remercie énormément grâce a vous je rejoue a ce jeu 🙂

  2. Hey Donovan,

    I’m having a little issue with turrets, where smg turrets will get powered and loaded with ammo, but will no longer fire at enemies, even with that selection enabled. They will track enemies, but not make any firing animation, use ammo, nor cause any damage to zombies. Was wondering if you might happen to know if any of these mods are affecting turrets, if maybe you’ve run into this issue before, or have any suggestions.
    I currently am running a fresh install of 7 days, with only this mod pack installed.
    Please let me know 🙂

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