Door Lock Smash

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One thing that has always bugged us about breaking into houses is that you have to completely destroy the door just to get in. Even when some of the damage decals make it look like it’d be easy to just reach in and unlock the door.

So Valmar came up with a bit of a work around for this. He has made it so that you can “damage” a door to unlock it and enter it without having to completely dismantle it. It still takes a few swings depending on your your tool (Valmar tested it with a poor fireaxe) but it isn’t as tedious as completely destroying the door everytime.

You can repair the door back, if you so wish, though you will not be able to lock it again.

If the door has any reinforcement you’ll still have to bust through that first.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Valmar(creator), Stallionsden(update for A18)

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