Duct Tape Flashlight Hat

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This simple 7DTD mod the Duct Tape Flashlight Hat allows the player to use a flashlight and a bit of duct tape to craft a simple light for their head. You don’t need a helmet or anything. Just one flashlight and duct tape. It’s that simple.

This is an easy thing to do IRL so Adreden has to add it to the 7 Days to Die.

A video by Adreden for his mod:


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Adreden Gaming

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One thought on “Duct Tape Flashlight Hat

  1. I dont understand how to download this, there are a bunch of files. Do I DL them all and stick them into a folder? Most mods just have a single folder to download, which goes into the mod folder. How do I get this?

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