Expanded Player Storage for A18

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A 7 Days to Die mod that allows the player to craft several new storage containers to help with organization for those who like to hoard.

This includes:
Munitions Box
Storage Locker
File Cabinet
Cardboard Storage
Fridge Bottom
Fridge Top
Pill Case
Drink Cooler
Medicine Cabinet
Wall Safe
Gas Pump

All of these can be used like any normal secure storage container, meaning they can all be locked. They all have their own unique loot lists which means that they cannot be farmed to spawn materials, no exploits. None of the vanilla IDs were changed so you will still be able to find loot in normally spawned containers. Most of these user-crafted containers have a larger inventory space than their “normal” counterparts.

Note: In the vanilla game you can already craft a fridge bottom. However the bottom you craft is not actually a storage container and is purely cosmetic. Valmar’s version is a container. Rather than modify the one that is already in the recipe lists he simply made a new one.

Adjusted Loot container numbers to allow continuation of the new classes added.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Valmar, Stallionsden

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