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  1. the reloading tool (blue nail gun, blue gas cans) sound like a auger in idle also didn’t use blue gas in 18.3 used forged steel. I love the idea however, and it does work as intended but refueling will be an issue if steel is needed constantly.
    also say other traps that have been done and they are cool as crap. for example the fire plates and acid pits are also cool. but cant be reloaded. yet. the spike walls that are again single use to impale anything walking between them is cool. power them and or timer reset? Ide like to make a few more trap houses for my friends using your ideas.

    1. If you go into the blocks.xml file, you can add a line of code to allow the repair of them.
      I added this line to

      I did the same for the Adhesive trap –

      I have not used the acid pit, but I’m sure something similar could be done there.

  2. Hey, just asking if you could add more description for your mods, or at least more pictures to show whats what, cause im sure more people would like to see whats in it before they add it to their games!

  3. Im a French modder.
    I really like that mod.
    But the firetrap is not realistic, you are not on fire, you only have the buff icon and dmg.

    1. there should be a book (schematic) in the world called something like “trap Schematics”, it will teach all traps and tools

  4. Im using this mod in conjunction with DF. I have noticed that upgrading the spikes means they will lose their effect.

    FYI, there are also both a fire Spike Trap and Miner’s TNT items that are included but that do not seem to have recipes. They are available through the creative menu.

  5. I added your A20 version of this as I loved the A19 one, but I find 1 or 2 trap schematics in virtually every container – I have 100’s of them.

    Can you release a patch to fix this? I tried dropping the probability to 0.01 but this didn’t seem to do anything.

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