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    I tried it on Navezgane offline, after 30 000 the amount of iron in forge stops !

    Im using a mod for 30k stacks…

  2. Uhhh, pretty sure this mod corrupted my chunk, known bug in A18 and A19 apparently when the Forge is overworked…
    Not recommended to use right now unless you want to risk loosing your base..

  3. Whenever I put something in the forge, my teammate receives error messages and can no longer play. Mod doesn’t work.

  4. All: Thank you for the input! I have taken over maintenance of MeanClouds mods and I was unaware of these issues, especially in PvP games. I’ll make note of the on the github repo and plan to work on them when a20 comes out as I don’t have a lot of time to fix mods right now (and I didn’t write the original , just patched it for a19 so it would not load with errors).

    If anyone has further/new issues, please post on the forum site or github (as an issue) in the links above. These forums are not monitored by me and I do not get notifications when people comment here.

  5. UPDATE:I just tested MeanCloud__ForgesHold1M mod on a19.4 b7 (as the only mod loaded) and was unable to reproduce this issue in a single player game. Forge accessible while smelting iron/clay/etc, no console errors, etc. I did not try to smelt 1,000,000 items with a secondary mod, just noting “basic mod” appears functional. The last major issue with this mod was because another person loaded another forge mod and all the mods did not play well together.

    The mod is a 1 line mod that just changes the max stack size for unit_iron (all other materials extend from unit_iron) so its likely a mod collision issue with another mod, or the game has changed and 1,000,000 is too large a number for it to handle. Anyway, I’ll do “full testing” when a20 comes out. I can’t easily test non-singleplayer games though.

  6. UPDATE2: After extensive testing it appears there *is* an issue somewhere. My guess it’s part of the game itself, and this mod breaks things by exceeding a max item count/counter that should not be exceeded. As a result I have pulled this mod from my a19 mod repository so no one can easily download it, and I wish to warn others to not make another one like it. My guess is that anything > 32,767, or > 65,535 will cause the same issues, though I didn’t test what was the max number. The game internally caps this at 30,000.

    For more details, see my forum mod post(s) about the mod.

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