Friendly Animals Mod

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Friendly Animals Mod for 7 Days to Die by Swiftpaw Wolfheart.


This mod makes coyotes, wolves, dire wolves, mountain lions, and bears fight zombies too along side you. They are invincible, so run to them for help fighting zombies and hordes!


  • FA version 5 requires A20
  • FA version 4 requires A19
  • FA version 3 requires A18


  1. Unzip archive.
  2. Place the “FriendlyAnimals” folder inside your Steam Library’s “7 Days to Die/Mods” folder. Note: If you don’t know where your Steam Library folder is for the game, you can get to this location by going into Steam, right-clicking 7 Days to Die > Properties > Local Files tab > Browse Local Files


This mod is far from perfect, but if Swiftpaw get free time to improve it, he will.



Updated for A20.


Updated for A19.


Removed anti-friendly animal quests, so you won’t get any useless quests any more.


  • Fixed bug preventing zombie bears, zombie vultures, and zombie dogs from attacking players.
  • Zombies still not attacking back after being attacked by non-zombies other than the player as “SetAsTargetIfHurt” won’t behave, but once that is figured out, that feature will return.

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Swiftpaw

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7 thoughts on “Friendly Animals Mod

  1. has this been verified to work on a private dedicated server? as got a lil community server going for friends and a few have mentioned about this whether it can be added, happy to do testing to see but would rather see whether anyone has attempted before trying,

  2. I just wish they didn’t make em invincible. Need one of these but they attack zombies and players while strill have their basic health.

  3. Ah, I think the XML groups all the animal health into 1 setting, so, one would have to set the HealthMax to a mid-range, stag has 100 and bear has 1500, so, 150? and then the “RadiatedRegenAmount” to a safe figure like “1”, so they do actually regen something. I’m thinking the lines could be removed completely though between effect_group name=”Base Effects” and /effect_group, however, theres my lines of hacks for this mod.

  4. Its in the lores of zombies for nature to be against the undead, but, like Adohl said, animals should not be invincible, as it breaks realism.

    However, by downloading the reduce zombie health mod, I was able to find the reference “HealthMax”, search for that in the entityclasses.xml, its at a value of “999999999”, thar be the culprit.

    Thereabouts, reset all the relating values to the values found for each relating animals, that be here

  5. How do you tame these animals? (and what about the non-zombie dogs? I want a pet to follow me around.)

    Do these follow you around? how does this work?

    Thanks for the mod?

  6. Any tips on how I could modify the health values back to default with this modlet? I’m not well-versed in coding etc. at all. Also I’m curious as to why you’ve just made all the animals to be invincible to begin with, instead of keeping the vanilla health values, or at least made that an option.

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