Guppycur’s Vehicle Madness

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Guppycur is separating this from his mods thread because this is more of an overhaul mod. Many thanks to Mumpfy for helping Guppycur out with some textures.

This is still a Work in Progress, so only download and install if you don’t mind daily changes.

The following features may or may not be implemented:

Completely changing 7DTD vehicles and how they work, this mod will not let you build cars in the vanilla style. You will come across a variety of vehicles in the world, from firetrucks to humvee’s to police cars to sedans, and even a monster truck, you can only hope they are running. If not, you’ll be forced to loot them to find salvageable parts, such as:

  • Chassis (and broken version)
  • Transmission (and broken version)
  • Engine (and broken version)
  • Seats (and broken version)
  • Carburetor (and broken version)
  • Battery (and broken version)
  • Wheels (and broken version)
  • Alternator (and broken version)

You can then, after learning how, assemble these using a custom auto-workshop bench, to finally learn how to assemble basic car types. A Sedan, a Truck, and a Motorcycle. You can only use the cool stuff like firetrucks, police cars and 5ton military trucks by finding driveable versions!

Books will be required to learn how to make the assemblies, and it’ll be more like real life so to speak.

Gas will be at a premium.

Tires that you find on the ground? They can be picked up! But, they are not wheels. You must find a broken wheel (rim), and with the help of the air compressor in the auto-workshop bench, create a functional wheel that you can use to build your cars.

More to come. No reservations necessary.

He has included a beta version of his Guppycur World, which is completely void of prefabs, so is there just to check out how it’s coming.

This mod is only available on the MOD LAUNCHER (unless you know how to install SDX mods manually). This is important, because the launcher will compile the custom script for you and be transparent to you.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur

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