Halloween Party 2021

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This is SERVER SIDE MOD ONLY and you can download it from our website.

Publish version includes Pumpkin Launcher, Grenade, Special zombies and more. We confirmed that is compatible with A19.


  • Shipping Crate replaced Pumpkin Style
  • Updated loot items on drop from zombies
  • Added Glowed Pumpkin on the world

Trial Mod Server is now opening and free to play. Visit our Discord for more details.


  • Added some Weapons
  • Added Night time zombies
  • Added Twitch Commands
  • Added Darkness Falls Mod Version

1. Weapons

  • Jack Grenade
  • Jack Time Charge
  • Jack Mine
  • Jack Hammer
  • Jack Launcher

2. Twitch Commands

Supply Pumpkin Gacha

3. Zombies

Special Night time Zombies

and more…


  • Added Special Halloween Weapons
  • Added Night time Zombies
  • Added Twitch Commands and more…

Some of items are still experimental version and it is now only available our public server. You can join our Discord to get the server information.

Supports are also available on Discord. Happy Halloween!


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: 7 Days to Die Gaming Community Japan, Ritoni

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