Harvestable Brass

7 days to die harvestable brass, 7 days to die mining

Unforgiven254’s friend Oocia came up with an idea Why not add Brass as a harvestable item from the large boulders in the world? As you know sometimes playing on multiplayer servers or playing solo can be a pain as resources can be hard to come by in early game.

Oocia came up with the idea of adding Brass to boulders. As he didn’t know how to use xpath he added the information manually. But thanks to SphereII’s Xpath tutorial. Unforgiven254 was able to come up with a small modlet that adds brass to boulders in the world.

Currently it is set to Unforgiven254’s servers settings. For survival enter at your own risk mod. He is releasing this as Oocia’s idea. But as his code and thanks to Bdubyah. Bdubyah was able to help him fix his mistakes.

Unforgiven254 is proud to release to the community and this modlet is free for all to modify and use to your liking. This will also be avalible on the mod launcher soon.

This is Unforgiven254’s first Xpath modlet.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Unforgiven254, Oocia

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7 thoughts on “Harvestable Brass

    1. Yes Its also avalible on the mod launcher for download In a19 i was able To add it to the Mining bookset up on completing the bookset you have the ability to get Brass from Iron As I made it a progression mod for Survive enter at your own risk in a19.

    1. Its apart of Survive enter at your own risk ( I’m the mod creator) You read entire book set of Mining perk books and upon completion you get brass from iron as a reward

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