4 thoughts on “HD Guns and Ammo

  1. I have installed this mod on new server and i have one problem : I CAN NOT CRAFT HD WORKBENCH AND HD AMMO BENCH, WHY ?!?! I heva already readed 10 recepts from both !!!

    1. Hello. Thank you for your feedback. You can report your problems directly to mod author using the forum topic link in post.

      1. Yes i do it ! Now im waiting for autor be online…
        To explain it – the mod works, but ONLY offline !!!
        If it is on server, nobody can make that benches, so it is useless…
        But the older version worked fine ! Only without flamethrover, 2 new VolcanoGuns, C4 and Dragunov…well…im going back to it…because i want it on server!

  2. I hope autor fixed in this version that i can not craft Winchester and Dragunov guns…
    Crafting of HD Ammo and Weapons bench have been fixed !!!

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