4 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon

  1. I was wondering if you planned on updating this for A20? If not would you be opposed to my husband doing that and releasing it on here? Original workers would receive the credit of course, since all he would be doing is editing some xml work.

    1. I highly doubt that the creators of the mod after two years still remember creating it only solution is to operate the transformation and give them credits

  2. Nice mod, but have same issue as some other mod “flying units” have, even when they out of gas they work. I can take off, fly and land with gas at 0.

  3. VEEEEEEEEERY NICE mod !!!!!!
    I like iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit so much !!!!! Have to test it on my server…
    PS : one thing :)))
    If you go up to even 260meters – you can press “e” – then you not fall just down and die !!! You going down and respawn on the ground without diyng !!! And the baloon lands softly…
    Good glitsch :)))))) NICE WORK !!!

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