Imagine: Better Food

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Tired of eating like 12 steaks a day to stay full?


This mod turns up the amount of food/health/water received from food items, as well as replaces all icons with icons created using MidJourney AI coupled with my own photoshop skills.

About This Mod

I didn’t like that I was eating so much food in a day, and especially early-game it was hard to keep up. I made this mod initially with just the code, but it became part of the checklist among my friends to make sure we had it installed when launching a new server. So I invested some time into re-creating all the icons.

What This Mod Does Exactly

  • 79 New food icons to replace vanilla icons
  • Added MRE style food items that can only be obtained in airdrops
  • Buffed all food items food/water/health amounts
  • Added water to some things that I felt should have water like blueberries

7 days to die imagine better food additional screenshot

Installation Notes

Must be installed on Server AND Client.


You are not allowed to redistribute this mod without my permission. This includes any assets from this mod, or the entire mod itself.


Credits: iSneakyPewPew

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24 thoughts on “Imagine: Better Food

  1. Sorry for the same request, I hope there will be a version that only changes the icon without changing the numbers.
    To be honest, even if the number is large, there are many cases where it is wasted even if the number is large because of the detailed replenishment, and the difficulty level becomes too easy in the first half, so I hesitate to introduce it.
    However, the beauty of the icon is very good, so I definitely want to enjoy the game with this graphic…

  2. I really love the charming icons and im using this but unfortunately the massive ammount of food and water you get is just way too overpowered. I manually reseted the food/water/health values to vanila and im enjoying the icons. Paired with Alters Food Models and Izayos Ammo models its like its another game altogether.

    Maybe consider releasing the mod with just the icons?

    Thank you for this mod, i love it.

  3. Hello, I really like this mod but it seems that the food stat changes are a bit on the absurdly OP end (since the costs and loot rate are unchanged, but the replenishments are in the 80’s on average)

    Is there a way to bring it back into a more balanced setting, so that hunger and thirst aren’t effectively turned into something no longer needing to be managed? An option that makes food/drinks harder to loot/longer to grow, for example.

    I agree that needing to munch 12 bacon and eggs a day is absurd, but I believe this just sways the scale to the other extreme. Even early game now, the moment i hunt a single rabbit, I no longer have a need to worry about my food bar ever again.

  4. I love the icons! I agree with some other people though and like the vanilla values more. I tried editing the xml but I have no clue what I’m doing so I couldn’t get it to work…

  5. Very cool mod and also very realistic. Thank you for sharing such awesome art with us, The Fun Pimps could learn a thing or two from you! โ™ฅ

  6. MAN I love these icons so much. I actually installed it a few days ago and forgot about it. I guess I should have fully read the description, because I didn’t realize the food was buffed too. Its actually quite nice. Can spend more time looting and messing with zombies instead of farming. I mean food has never been a problem for my playthroughs anyway, but its very nice. Thanks for this.

  7. Hello, I really like the new icons, but I’d like to have the vanilla values for the food. I’ve tried editing the item values within the items.xml document, and I started getting errors. I entered creative mode and it appeared the edited values worked, but I couldn’t loot any containers. Any thoughts? Thanks

      1. Nice! Glad to hear! Maybe I’ll make two variations, one with the new values, and one with the old values, but no icons. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Yes, but with stipulations. You can manually delete the icons from the UIATlases directory that you don’t want new version of. However, as I’ve added in the custom Airdrop MRE style items, deleting those icons will most likely give you errors, unless you are any good at editing xml. IF that’s the case, at the bottom of items.xml, there is a section with a comment denoting “Add In Custom Foods”. You could delete all of that section(ensure you leave the at the end) along with the icons for them in the previously mentioned directory, and that should work. I haven’t tested it at all though, and make no guarantees.

      1. I’m going to try to type in this code, in hopes that it doesn’t get eaten again. What I said was (ensure you leave the “configs” at the end)there is a after it. If I type it out correctly, html will eat it thinking it’s HTML formatting.

  8. Really, REALLY nice icons, though I would prefer they all fit into the materials available in the game. In other words, beer and coffee in a glass instead of a beer mug or thermos.

    1. I actually agree with you, and tried at first to make everything in jars and such. You can see I got somewhere with Spaghetti, but I unfortunately had some trouble replicating some properties into jars. Looking at the vanilla food icons, I decided they weren’t all in jars either, so I conceded to just make them look delicious. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. hay alguna manera de tener unicamente los hermosos iconos y mas no el extra de comida y bebida? me gusta que sea dificil por eso. y ademas , me fascinaron los iconos ยฟya lo dije?

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