Immersive Radiation for the Wasteland

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What happens when you actually step into a radioactive zone? Well, you wouldn’t start coughing up blood right away. You would slowly accumulate radioactive contaminants, and overtime, you become weak.


This mod aims to introduce stress in the Wasteland biome, while not making it entirely uninhabitable. This can create some tense moments, especially when it starts to rain! You could do a decently long quest in the Wasteland before you die, but it becomes harder and harder to stay alive, so try your best to not get hit. Additionally, radiation absorption is increased when you have abrasions or deep lacerations, or when you get wet in the Wasteland. I also wanted players to have more control of how they can slow down the radiation rate so I have provided a handful of options to do so, such as taking shelter or shade, wearing heavy armor, to wearing one or more piece of the hazmat suit, with the full set providing immunity from radiation exposure. Getting a full Hazmat suit takes too long anyway so why wait for a full suit when you could take a risk going unprepared in the Wasteland. This is my first mod with 7 Days to Die and I put a lot of time into this so that this game will have a much more balanced radiation system.

Short List of Features

  • A percentage-based stages of radiation, hundred percent is fatal.
  • 0.1% is added every three seconds in the Wasteland
  • Getting out of the Wasteland won’t do much to get decontaminated.
  • Couple of ways to decontaminate, like getting out of the Wasteland, or taking a swim in a lake. You could also get lucky and have it rain or snow in other biomes.
  • Wetness and injury-based system that amplifies radiation.
  • If you suddenly become submerged in radioactive water (happens more often than you’d think), you’ll instantly accumulate hundred times more radiation than normal.
  • Protect yourself from radioactive precipitation by taking shade and wait it out or run as fast as you can to safety!
  • Various stages of radiation have a chance to afflict you with fatigue, dysentery or worse, internal bleeding at 100%
  • Buff resistance to injuries decreases with higher radiation
  • Health and stamina will have more blockage with higher radiation
  • Vision will get more radiated and blurry with higher radiation
  • Hazmat gear will actually protect you from radiation, even if you only have one piece but a full suit will provide immunity
  • Health damage is between 0 and 1 (depends on your radiation level) every three seconds, while stamina damage is always at 10
  • More features will probably be added, but no promises

7 days to die immersive radiation for the wasteland additional screenshot 1

7 days to die immersive radiation for the wasteland additional screenshot 2

7 days to die immersive radiation for the wasteland additional screenshot 3

7 days to die immersive radiation for the wasteland additional screenshot 4


This is a modlet and it works server-side so no need to install this mod for clients. For server owners or single-players, simply install this into your Mods folder. This should be compatible with A20 and A19.


If you can somehow teach me or add into fulfilling these wishes, I’d be happy to add them and credit.

  • Radiated Zombies inflicting a certain percentage to your radiation level, no matter what the biome. Same thing with acid from vultures or fat cops. Obviously, the new special zombie from A20 will give you more radiation.
  • Overall cleanup with the coding. Adding and subtracting radiation at the same time feels very inefficient and clunky so I kind of want a different system where there’s a number called a radiation rate and different triggers will either add or subtract the radiation rate.
  • More “buffs” (like how the infection is broken into different buffs kinda thing), and a replacement “buff” for when you’re wearing the Hazmat Suit so that there aren’t two different buffs with the same radioactive symbol, but you’re still recovering from the radiation.
  • Buff blinking to work correctly. I can’t figure out how to make the buff blink when the radiation is increasing, so it’s just blinking all the time now.
  • Eating food or drinking fluids increasing radiation levels while in the Wasteland. While we’re at it, certain foods like the Shamway sandwich giving you radiation.
  • It might either be OP or make the Hazmat Suit useless but it could also be adjusted to accommodate both: Rad Remover being equippable on armor to reduce radiation absorption, but not entirely.
  • Geiger counter sound increasing in volume, with increasing radiation. I don’t think the sound is in the game so clients will have to install the mod to have the sound. I know that the player doesn’t actually have a Geiger counter (you can DIY your own in real life) but it’s such an iconic sound.


Credits: Man2424, gemini (Great credit to gemini’s mod for helping me understand how to mod this game, and for some of the code I used, such as the RadSuit buff and some others I can’t name at the moment. I’ve been mostly looking at gemini’s and the buffs.xml to slowly create this mod.)

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7 thoughts on “Immersive Radiation for the Wasteland

  1. So for the rad remover armor mod, darkness falls already has that, maybe see if they are willing to share or ask if you can add it in there/colab with them.

  2. I wrote an anti-rad mod that inserts into armor. Should be an easy tweak to work with yours. I might be able to help with some of the rest. Hit me up on Steam.

  3. Hi,

    Love the mod, I making the wasteland into a horror zone and I’m using radiation in the wasteland mod alongside this, works great however the radiation does not give you the static screen or Geiger counter sound, anyway to fix this?

  4. Same issue here, not working in 20.6
    Hazmat suit if already on stops radiation but you still die after around 30 seconds even though it states not taking radiation

    Adding suit after entering zone doesn’t stop more radiation from being accumulated.

    Great concept..

    1. We’re running this on my server and have never had any issues. It works as expected locally as well.
      The only thing I can think is that some people have misunderstood what this mod is or what to expect from it.

      1. In case you’re using this in a different context, this mod is made for vanilla, not an overhaul. No mods are guaranteed to work with overhauls. I probably don’t need to say this.
      2. This mod *adds* a new radiation buildup effect to the Wasteland only – this is completely unrelated to the radiation edge around the map or if you have updated the map manually to cover the wasteland in radiation yourself. Doing this is totally unnecessary.
      3. If this mod isn’t working, it could be that other mods you have installed are conflicting with this one. If you run the mod by itself and have the right expectations of what this mod adds, you will see that it works as intended in A20.6.

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