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7 days to die lam's mods

Lammetje has been a huge 7DTD fan for years now and he like to mod the game to suit his playing style so he wanted to share his mods with the community and hopefully some of these will be useful for someone else.

After a few weeks of modding around in A19 he has come up with way to many perks to just juggle around all over the place so he decided to make Lam’s Attribute Tree where they all could fit into 1 place.

Mods Using Lam’s Attribute Tree

Faster Tools Perk

Increasing your tool speed up to 50%.

Experience Perk

Gain more experience up to 50%.

Gold Digger Perk

Find iron and occasionally a rare gem when mining.

Run Speed Perk

Run Faster up to 30%.

Tier 6 Crafting Perk

One perk tree to unlock tier 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Crafting Speed Perk

Craft your stuff faster up to 50%.

Faster Smelting Perk

Faster smelting up to 80% extra smelting spot, 8 slot crafting queue and a 9 slot output window.

Max HP Perk

Increase your HP by 100.

Max Stamina Perk

Increase your stamina by 100.

Powerful DMG Modules

Craft powerful DMG modules for tools and weapons up to 60%.

Loot Bag Drop Chance Perk

Zombie loot bag drop chance increased by 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50%.

Auger, Chainsaw Booster Perk

Boost the DMG,range and fuel capacity.

Zombie Harvest Perk

Harvest resources from Dead zombies.

Lam’s Other Mods

90 Slot Original Slot Size Backpack

What is there more to say

Vehicle Storage

Increased vehicle storage.

Improved Solar and Generator

More power from the solar cells & more fuel in the generator.

Night Vision Helmet Module

Place it in to your helm like a helmet light module.

Speedy Nail Guns

There is a delay in upgrading/repairing blocks with a nail gun. Delay reduced by 25, 50, 75 & 99.9%.

Admin Public Farm

Adds bedrock crops to the creative menu can only be harvested and not destroyed.

Increased Mod Slots

This mod increases the mod slots.

Lam’s UI

UI that moves the experience, water, food, time and day to the bottom left of the screen also adds a height meter and kill count to the bottom left.


Updated All in One. Fixed some issues.

Download All in One
Download Lam’s HUD Mod

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Lammetje

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