Lock Picking Additions

7 days to die lock picking additions

This mod gives you more containers to be needed to lock pick. Some containers/chests/cabinets etc. are unlocked whilst others you come across will be locked and require you to lock pick them.

You can have both lock picking additions and Open Door Syndrome. But don’t use lock picking additions with Open Door Syndrome With Respawn and Lock Picking Additions as it is not compatible.


Updated to A20.


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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stallionsden

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One thought on “Lock Picking Additions

  1. Was really annoying at the beginning of a game, %90 of the lootable items were locked(unlucky I guess) and I just couldn’t get any. But I can see it somehow making the sneaky gameplay more fun with high difficulty mods. Imagine sneaking past zombies in a big poi like wind and looting everything with just a few lockpicks. But if you’re playing more like a “gun-blazing” type of style it just feels like a waste of time, unfortunately. Still, thanks for the mod =)

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