Lootable Pallets Sand Bags and Bricks

7 days to die lootable pallets sand bags and bricks, 7 days to die loot

Turns the pallets and sand bags and bricks on crates into lootable objects.


  • Lootable Pallets to the game
  • 66% chance of finding a non lootable version
  • 33% chance of finding a version still lootable

(This mimicks the someone has already been thru and looted and some were missed)


Updated to A20.


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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stallionsden, Various
Special Thanks: Dracos99

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2 thoughts on “Lootable Pallets Sand Bags and Bricks

  1. So, a couple qualms about this mod. Mainly, the loot from these objects makes no sense. They’re always structures. Many of which are things you can’t even craft normally. It often includes a LOT of them. Sometimes it includes things that sell for a lot. Sometimes it includes things that sequence break, hard. (I found a workbench in one before I even found a pistol, and tons of electrical structures in that and others.)

    But, that’s fine, I can just remove the mod if I don’t like it, right? .. Wrong. Removing it also removes not just the blocks made lootable, but ALL resource-harvestable blocks. Pallets, box stacks, brick stacks, etc from the world. And I’m unsure if this was just a fluke, but it also caused a world glitch that made me fall into the ground. (Though that might have fixed itself had I re-loaded the world.)

    So, if you’re going to install this mod, just be aware, the loot isn’t just extra resources of the type that you get from harvesting those blocks, and removing the mod could screw your world for good.

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