Map: South Korea Undead

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Here comes another Selfmade-Map: South Korea Undead.


  • I used the World Generator “Teragon” which supports all new A20 Street-Tiles.
  • Again i added many Buildings by Hand in the World Editor and created many new Streets & Gravel Roads.


Just put the unpacked Folder “South Korea Undead” into your Generated Worlds-Folder:

If the Folder “AppData” is not showing up just unhide your “YourUserName”-Folder!
Choose the Map in the Game Menue and Start the Game.

Enjoy & have Fun!

Your DirkillerGaming (check my Channel on Youtube)


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Credits: Made by DirkillerGaming

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9 thoughts on “Map: South Korea Undead

  1. Idk, it may sound crazy as this map could be huge, but maybe you’ll try making Russia undead map or smth? (not completely frozen tho lol, please, it’s not so irl)

    1. With my average Gaming-Laptop i can only make up to 14k-Maps. For Russia we need at least a 16k-Map imo.

    1. I could make them in a few Weeks. At the Moment i am busy with an 10k-Arizona-Map for the Wild West-Mod & a bigger Version of Navezgane X.

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