Medic Plus

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Medic Plus adds more variety to the medicine and healing items of the game. Early game healing is weaker but late game healing is stronger. Candy and Drugs are more viable for any build and offer stronger buffs but carry the risk of addiction! Each addiction is unique to each candy and drug.

Planned Changes (None Are Guaranteed)

  • Healing darts ammunition
  • Deployable healing items (healing areas)
  • Medic Armor or Armor Mods (self healing / drug application)



Fixed some Buffs not properly shutting down


Fixed Withdrawals not properly shutting down


  • Fixed Fort Bites display
  • Adjusted Infection chances on medical items to be lower
  • Adjusted Addiction chances to be lower
  • Fixed items not healing others properly


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Player Intrepid

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One thought on “Medic Plus

  1. Your medical mod has some odd issues regarding sprained arms.
    One of my friends used the ‘vanilla first aid kit’ and had a permanent sprained arm of 59 minutes. I couldn’t replicate this myself. He had to kill his character to fix the issue.

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