Military APC

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This mod adds a military APC that can fire rockets from a mounted turret and also protect you from outside damage.

The military APC can be unlocked by grease monkey level 5 or by schematics. Rockets can be fired from the mounted turret by pressing the right mouse button, the fire button can be configured in the controls settings under the vehicle section.

You must have the APC rocket ammo in your inventory to be able to fire from the turret. The turret can be enabled and disabled by pressing left CTRL and the number 1 key at the same time, this can also be configured in the settings.

There are 3 types of ammo that can be switched out with vehicle mods. Rocket Frags which deal little to no block damage, Rocket HEs which deal a small amount of block damage, and Rocket Nukes which deal an enormous amount of block and entity damage. The default ammo type is the Rocket Frag.

Upon entering the APC you will receive a buff that will protect you from damage and critical hits from outside damage. The APC can still take damage from enemies.


  • Working turret
  • high durability
  • can be dyed
  • 4 seats (two locked by seating mod)

Special thanks to Closer_Ex for the vehicle weapon system and Laydor for his Quartz UI mod.

Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer. EAC MUST BE OFF!

7 days to die military apc additional screenshot 1

7 days to die military apc additional screenshot 2

7 days to die military apc additional screenshot 3

7 days to die military apc additional screenshot 4

7 days to die military apc additional screenshot 5

7 days to die military apc additional screenshot 6


If you appreciate Zilox’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Zilox, Closer_Ex

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18 thoughts on “Military APC

  1. Download says “downloading 78 files” but there are only 2 folders:
    Mods > Mods > (nothing else)
    Just an empty ‘Mods’ folder inside another ‘Mods’ folder

      1. Hi Zilox,

        I have to say, this is by far the most amazing mod! *LITERALLY JAW DROPPING*
        What a great job! Was looking to collab with the creator of Apache Helicopter to create an turret gunner to utilize the heli’s turret to a similar extent as this APC, but you went above and beyond that idea!

        Will donate to your page as soon as possible! Thank you for the effort and dedication, I understand how much work goes into these, as I am a newbie mod creator, but this inspires, so thank you again!

  2. I had trouble getting this modification to work with some others. Here is a list of good modifications that didn’t work with this mod:

    – KhaineGB’s HP Bars
    – OCB Parachute
    – Oakraven Forest Collection
    – Bdubyah’s Vehicles

    I tested one by one, adding and removing. The error that appears on the console is when loading the world, and it’s always the same:

    – EXC ReflectionTypeLoadException: Exception of type ‘System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException’ was thrown
    – EXC NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    And then the game loads and the zombies no longer move:

    – ERR There are no graphs in the scene

  3. Great Thing that Turret!

    The Problem is it destroys the hole beautiful landscape. Is there a chance to get this APC with a MG or Gattling Cannon instead of a Rocket launcher? Best regards

  4. i have an issue with this mod. When I place the apc down on the ground, the game freezes and the console pops up with nothing but red commands scrolling through and i could not do anything about it other than the “shutdown” command to stop the whole process. i had to uninstall this mod completely to get the game working again.

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