More Pipe Guns Mod

7 days to die more pipe guns mod, 7 days to die weapons

Adds 3 more pipe guns.

  • Pipe Revolver – Higher damage than Pipe Pistol, almost rivals normal pistol, takes 44 magnum ammo.
  • Pipe SMG – Almost identical to Pipe Machine Gun, small differences, takes 9mm ammo.
  • Pipe Sniper – Deals less damage than Pipe Rifle, has 3 magazine capacity, takes 762 ammo.

7 days to die more pipe guns mod additional screenshot


Credits: HollowAxe276

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4 thoughts on “More Pipe Guns Mod

  1. my bad on the desktop.ini file its because its from google drive files. but ill remove it next time.

    1. I did a little searching and and found a general answer that it’s usually non-harmful to pc and i also did a quick scan on virustotal and found nothing funny in that file. But yeah, i can agree that random file is sus as f.

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