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Testing version (2.0) of a mod that introduces dynamic NPC characters into the game by expanding on the CreaturePack Humans. These NPCs require some of SphereII’s DMT scripts, and these dependencies will be enforced upon loading this mod with the mod launcher. Many issues probably exist and they need help testing to make these NPCs work better.

This mod adds many new NPCs to the 7 Days to Die. Unlike previous NPCs, these can be hired then issued orders to stay, follow, guard, patrol eat, drink, and can even loot POIs for you. All this is configured in XML. Once hired, you cannot kill them, nor can another hireling or allies in your party hurt them. This blocks friendly fire issues. Non hired NPCs are fair game. They are currently set to spawn in the friendly animal spawn group, but you can change that in xml. They will require food and drink added to a storage container, or in their backpack, otherwise they will look for food and water in the game.

You set the patrol route by giving the learn patrol route command then you walk that chosen route. At the end of the route order the NPC to patrol. Other commands, like stay, guard, follow should be self explanatory.

In xml you can set what the NPCs eat and drink, what they use for a toilet and what they defecate (if you turn that on), whats their home block, what they use for a bed, food containers, etc. Take a look at the xml and read the comments. The NPCs are an adaptation of the animals used for another mod, so if you want NPCs to breed and lay eggs, well, that could happen with the right xml. Just don’t ask Xyth to help you with that.

Change Log

  • (new) Added back the NPCs to spawning that were previously causing NREs.
  • Pushed hotfix for an NRE in zombiepack
  • Pushed edits to Humanpack that NPC will inherit, fixed the “wordsoup” on characters when attacking or hurt. They wont talk every hit.
  • Fixes: Hostile Animals dont act like friendly puppys now. NPCs are territorial now. Teleport-forget-your-attack-do-not-run-back-you-bastard issue is fixed. Still looking into the melee and stay issues.
  • Added the Whisperers to the CPHumanPack but implemented only in the NPCPack as thats a faction based character set. Added the whispers to zombiegroups so they should be some walking with the zeds. Xyth did not add them yet to sleeper spawning or bloodmoon. That might be fun but he will wait for feedback on that. NPCGhost no longer likes the whispers.
  • Important and detailed update. Details are here.
  • Pushed a fix for the casting error, and added NPCMechs for placeholder/testing. The NPCMechs are enemys by default until you get good faction with them so they will KOS you on sight right now. Xyth didn’t push the faction code yet, just needs some dialog or quests to change faction and im not done with that yet. So for now they are just like CPMechs.
  • Pushed a small patch to add default factions to all NPCs since factions do not extend.
  • Pushed a change to the spawning as folks were complaining too few NPCs were in the world. Frankly its impossible to balance to satisfy everyone’s idea of how many humans should be around. Feel free to edit the entitygroups.xml values to suit your tastes.
  • Pushed an update to lower the spawnrate of NPCs as they added so many that its flooding the game. Also added GuppySoldiers to biome spawning.
  • Pushed more DarkStarDragon NPC characters. (Adapted female raiders to be npcs and added RaiderHumongous and RaiderRat)
  • Added 4 more soldiers made by GuppyCur and adapted to be NPCs by DarkStarDragon. Fixed pistol walk animation speed.
  • Pushed several new raiders by DarkStarDragon.
  • Updated the controller used by the NPCs. This version adds a new idle animation when you talk to the NPCs. If it works well, Xyth can add multiple new idle anims to that point. Also, if you missed it, the NPCs reload weapons now.
  • Pushed new version with Cowboy NPCs added.
  • Pushed new version of NPC Modlet, refactored the xml, adjusted spawn rates and added lots of new weapon variants.

Known Issues

This mod has not had much A18 testing and has so much code they expect you to find issues.

No training guide. SphereII posted details on each new script that contains lots of info on your xml options. But if your confused, feel free to ask questions on the forum page. Well, except questions about egg laying.

DarkStarDragons entities (Pest, Hunter etc.) still use gen2 tech but will be converted in time.


This is a DMT mod so it must be compiled with DMT, or loaded by the mod launcher. This mod has several dependencies that must be compiled with this mod for it to work properly. Required: 0-SphereIICore, SphereII NPC Dialog Windows and 0-CreaturePackHumans


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Xyth
Additional Credits: SphereII, DarkStarDragon, Mumpfy

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15 thoughts on “NPCs Mod for A18

  1. Hi, I been allready playing whith this mod for a few days, I love this mod, bud, there are still a problem, ist that the auto turret shoot at them als they were enemigs even I´d allready contrat them, I informed this in the author page, but I´d have resive any answer yet, beside that, wonderfull mod!!!

    1. Hello, Marco. I don’t know. You can ask this directly to the mod author using the forum topic link in post.

    1. as is they will appear automatically but be mixed in with regular spawns which seemed odd to me that the zombies in the world didn’t go after these human brains. so I removed all the zombies . and added the npcs to their spawn points. Zombies and dinosaurs are just getting old. People are scary and deadly enough.

  2. sorry, no can use. “.msi” files are a really fishy way of installing software (AKA: highly suspicious way of installing backdoors, and viruses). just the thought of installing something directly into my system files turned me completely off from installing your mod. great concept. EXTREMELY horrible execution.

  3. Im running the newer version that don’t require DMT on a dedicated server and it works fine. except for one npc the moto guy had to be disabled every time he was killed by anyplayer on server it would crash. so we just replaced him with the clubber and all seems well. great job I know this was a ton of work. took me all day when I set up to disable the vanilla zombies. and turn the game into a Fallen World.

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