Nuclear Power Mod

7 days to die nuclear power mod, 7 days to die electricity

Sick of having to refill your generators every few minutes. Not to mention carrying those heavy engines and placing them in the Generator. Over the constant changing of Batteries for your battery bank. Lugging those heavy batteries around. Sick of the sun not charging your god damn solar cells to charge your solar bank to charge your stuff. Well wait no more.

This mod adds nuclear power to the 7 Days to Die.


  • With the Nuclear Powered Generator you get to lift even heavier Engines, Thats great for your back.
  • Lug dangerous toxics nuclear batteries now instead of the safer acid version into your Nuclear Battery Bank.
  • And well the sun just got a whole lot brighter in answering your prayers with the you beaut Nuclear solar Bank.
  • Your nuclear batteries/engine/solarcells run out. Well then easily recharge them.
  • Vanilla Car Batteries, Solar Cells and Small Engines can now also be recharged/repaired, If nuclear scares you.


  • (new) Fixed nuclear generator not outputting power, now works as intended.
  • Fixed recipes and removed multiple copies
  • Fixed unlocking schematics


If you appreciate Stallionsden’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stallionsden, Various
Special Thanks: Telric

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4 thoughts on “Nuclear Power Mod

  1. Hi.

    Very grateful for your module, but we have a problem.

    The “nuclearGeneratorBank” does not work, we introduce 1 “nuclearPoweredEngine” adds the power well, we activate it but when connecting the cables correctly, it does not give power.

    Could you also check that the recipes for creation come out on the alchemy table?

    We await your information.

    Thank you.

  2. In alpha 19 its bugged, you can take from creative and its work but when you try to go into recipt the inventory is going to crashed

  3. the mod mostly works …
    the inventory icons are not working . but when the solar pannel is placed you see it then.. battery pack and nuke eng. are the same no icons show.

    both the solar & battery work great when placed / used.

    the generator can b put together but when started it does not have power output at all. you can attach wire and lights . but they don’t light up.

    i got what i need so this is just a FYI.

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