Open Door Syndrome With Respawn and Lock Picking Additions

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This mod does the same thing opened door syndrome does except allows the respawn of containers thru out the world and lock picking additions.


  • This makes all loot containers respawn that have a open version and randomlooter block
  • A stage has 63 ticks before it goes to the next stage.
  • Roughly 7 hours (441 minutes) before a container respawns.
  • Changed the possibility of a full container to spawn to be 100% due to the possibility of one going a really long time of respawning. IE: A container goes thru 441 minutes then the randomlooter of that container picks a empty again therefore you would have to wait another 441 minutes to possibly get a full container and ofc the cycle would repeat.


  • Fixed pillcase not opening once looted
  • Fixed mircrowave destroying on open


  • Not compatible with Open Door Syndrome.
  • Disregard yellow text that can be seen in console. Those warnings are nothing important. Just means there is a repeating cycle of down/upgrades. x goes to y goes to z goes to x.


Open Door Syndrome With Respawn and Lock Picking Additions updated.

Bedmade1 infinite downgrade loop unable to destroy
In regards to Nuclear Power mod.

Download Open Door Syndrome With Respawn
Download Open Door Syndrome With Respawn and Lock Picking Additions

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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stallionsden
Special Thanks: Telric

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