Picture-in-Picture Vanilla Optics Replacer

7dtd picture-in-picture vanilla optics replacer, 7 days to die weapons

This 7 Days to Die mod replaces the vanilla 2x, 4x, and 8x optics with versions that utilize picture-in-picture rendering for a more modern feeling firearm experience.

7dtd picture-in-picture vanilla optics replacer, screenshot 1

7dtd picture-in-picture vanilla optics replacer, screenshot 2


All replacement scopes have functioning illuminated reticles. The red portions seen in the above screenshots are very visible in low-light conditions.

Performance impact is negligible, at least on his i7 Y500 with SLI 650ms.

Certain weapons have the front sights visible within the optic. Without the use of risers this is unavoidable, but Sykriss may release a version that adds risers where needed to remove the front sight from the FOV.

This modlet, and his other ‘replacement’ modlets, do not actually overwrite any of the vanilla files and can be installed/uninstalled on an existing save with zero ill effects. They should also be compatible with other modlets that alter weapon properties as long as this mod loads first (which is why the names start with AAA).


  • 1.0: Initial release
  • 1.01: Minor adjustment to 2x scope materials
  • 1.02: Slightly increased zoom level of 2x scope, minor adjustments here and there.

Installation Instructions

Extract archive to mods folder.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Sykriss

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3 thoughts on “Picture-in-Picture Vanilla Optics Replacer

  1. Brilliant idea, makes it feel much more real.

    Are there any plans on updating, as the offsets are completely off now, with the new weapon models?

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