Powered Neon Signs

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Neon Signs updated for A20! These neon signs require power and can be toggled on/off like a normal light. They also can be picked up if inside a land claim zone.

All credit for this mod goes to Three08. I have just updated it to work with A20 and added a few tweaks such as a recipe for crafting the signs.

These neon lights can be unlocked by Advanced Engineering level 3 or by schematic. They can also be found in loot.

Included Signs

  • Open x 3
  • Gun
  • Pizza
  • Bowling
  • Chinese Food

7 days to die powered neon signs additional screenshot

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a C# mod so EAC must be OFF.


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Zilox, Three08

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