RadThadd’s Big Fat Australia Map

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Crikey That’s Alotta Content Mate!

Ever wanted to go down-under but couldn’t afford it? Or do you live there now and just want to see what it’s like covered in zombies? Well RadThadd’s BIG FAT Australia Map is right for you!

My map differs from other maps because here at RadThadd’s we believe “you either go BIG or go back to your country. Because we’re not accepting refugees at the moment.”

That’s right! All my maps are 16x! That’s right, even this one – more than TWICE as big as the “community” Australia map! And you can bet your bottom dollar (AUS or USD) that our maps have loads of content from points of interests, to cities, to towns, to villages and enough traders to offer more diversity than a college campus. So don’t be a wallaby! Come on down-under and down-Load this amazing map!


Credits: RadThadd

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8 thoughts on “RadThadd’s Big Fat Australia Map

    1. i was utterly disgusted tasmania not being there, as i’m tasmanian, and it’s a typical attitude from mainlanders, they live like we dont exist down here… or we’re inbred or 2 heads and all that. it infuriates me.

  1. good concept for a map, few things though, I downloaded and installed it and have a massive lag issue that I don’t have with any of the other maps, the terrain is haphazard and looks very uneven with drop-offs that would kill a player should they fall on accident, and for about 20 mins I was flying around trying to find a different terrain but all I came across (going in one direction) was the burnt earth, There are some bugs with this mod and I refuse to play on it until they are fixed

  2. I would love to see the map with more green around the watwe area desert in the center and some burnt land atm it looks like we got nuked

  3. disculpen mi ignorancia pero como lo instalo en el juego, soy nuevo en 7DTD y no se que hacer con el archivo y como hacer dentro del juego para entrar al mapa, gracias por la ayuda

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