RadThadd’s Upgraded Big Fat Australia Map

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Get stuffed with the EVEN BETTER Aussie map. In this new wasteland, life’s 100% guaranteed to be harder than a rock melon, and not just livin’ will be hard, dying won’t be so easy either. You will suffer greatly.

Some upgrades from the last one include:

  • Map is overall smoother and sexier
    • but don’t try to cop a root with those zombie galz!
  • BIGGER Sydney-Newcastle area
  • BIGGER, showy-er, (but not quite joey-er) Brisbain
    • could compete with good ole’ Syd
  • More places to steal from
    • strut those cossies in ~style~
  • More ~Refined~ Melbourne-Geelong area
  • Perth is still… well, Perth
  • There’s some good surprises for you in Alice Springs 😉
    • Hint: it’s been wiped off the map like a Tasmanian tiger’s butt – by NUKES
  • Nature & Biomes more representative of the real deal
  • No weird artifacts in terrain
    • no more floating pieces
    • no more unnaturally bumpy hills
  • Better placed Places of Interest
    • More shanties and granny flats for you liberals
    • Boonies get the chalets, why not?
    • More gas stations, yep more petrol to huff – or use
    • Quite few big manors for hosting your fritz
  • TONS more derro towns for you sand licking wombats
  • Guns are banned just like back in ’96
    • just kidding, more like the exact opposite
  • Compatible with MOST (if not all) mods
    • I should know, I tested a great many
    • any raider mod is a good addition
  • & More!

Have fun and SEE YOU DOWN UNDAH!

7 days to die radthadd's big fat australia map additional screenshot


Credits: Rad Thadd

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11 thoughts on “RadThadd’s Upgraded Big Fat Australia Map

    1. i was utterly disgusted tasmania not being there, as i’m tasmanian, and it’s a typical attitude from mainlanders, they live like we dont exist down here… or we’re inbred or 2 heads and all that. it infuriates me.

  1. good concept for a map, few things though, I downloaded and installed it and have a massive lag issue that I don’t have with any of the other maps, the terrain is haphazard and looks very uneven with drop-offs that would kill a player should they fall on accident, and for about 20 mins I was flying around trying to find a different terrain but all I came across (going in one direction) was the burnt earth, There are some bugs with this mod and I refuse to play on it until they are fixed

  2. I would love to see the map with more green around the watwe area desert in the center and some burnt land atm it looks like we got nuked

  3. disculpen mi ignorancia pero como lo instalo en el juego, soy nuevo en 7DTD y no se que hacer con el archivo y como hacer dentro del juego para entrar al mapa, gracias por la ayuda

  4. Sorry…but…the MAP IS HALF-UNPLAYABLE !!!
    South region especially…right now i was flying from that snowed city into burnt forest and there is a BIG PLACE with FLOATING HOUSES !!!!!!!
    And half of them is just dissapearing before i fly to them…
    And on part of the map, i see im flying…but…gyrocopter is moving slowly like on the ground ! And i tried to get out and i fall thru the map !
    PS : my PC is a GAMING PC for 1500€ and it can handle every game on ultra…so it is definitelly NOT in my PC with 32GB of ram…

  5. Erase the following Files (not necessary – they belong only to the creators savegame):
    – checksum.txt
    – dtm_processed.raw
    – splat3_processed.png
    – splat4_processed.png

  6. I made it to Brisbane.
    When I fly towards tall buildings the top half of the building disappears.

    A number of buildings are collapsing when I am taking quests. Is this intentional?
    It was fun the first time, but by the third time it happened I was over it.
    Luckily I have a solar helicopter otherwise I wouldn’t be able to complete the job.
    But I want to complete the quests the normal way.

    POIs are place too close to trader compounds. So the zombies can’t break out of a room they are in and I can’t break in to kill them. So had to cancel quests because of that.

    Other than that I am having fun. Brisbane zombies are hard core. I will check out Sydney soon.

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