Rain Catcher and Mining Machine

7 days to die rain catcher and mining machine, 7 days to die mining

Adds a excavator and a rain catcher to the game.

Simply craft the excavator and rain catcher place down on the ground and wait the days out that are set in the blocks.xml and when ready the excavator will change to a gas pump and the rain catcher will change to a sink.

After you have looted these they will destroy themselves and return to their first block.


  • (new) Updated to A20.
  • Added
    • Localization.txt
    • Added resource Insulator recipe
    • Added the ability to pick up excavator and rain catcher


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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stallionsden, Various

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4 thoughts on “Rain Catcher and Mining Machine

  1. Sorry, but I don´t know how to donwload this file, when I click the ¨donwload link¨ it goes to A page whith a code, don´t find the zip file, help please Thanks

    1. Hello. We use the original links created by mod authors. In such cases, you can go to a higher/parent folder and download from there by clicking Clone or Download.

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