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  1. The MP5SD6 a german submachinegun by H&K has a silencer that slows down bullets to subsonic speeds so its not really un realistic the way it is in game since its nowhere mentioned what kind of suppressor it is.

    allso increased muzzle velocity doesnt equal more damage, increased range and acuracy is realistic for a regular silencer but in that case the gun would allso have to play a regular unsilenced shooting sound because you arent using subsonic ammo.

    1. Firearms professional here. While certain specialty suppressors have slowed down bullets before, they are an exception, not the rule. Additionally, in general suppressors will slightly increase the velocity of your bullet, but not really enough to make a difference in most cases.

      As for velocity and damage?…Yes, velocity absolutely adds damage in real life if we aren’t changing any other parameters. If you take a 45 grain 22 caliber sized bullet and shoot a watermelon (or small animal) with the velocity of 1200 fps, it will poke a hole in it. If you take that same bullet and speed it up to what other hunting calibers may run at, say 2800 fps, that same thing you shot will literally explode because of the difference in energy. I’ve seen this with firsthand experience.

      As for suppressors only being effective with subsonic ammo…this simply isn’t true. I’m not saying this from a quick google search or reading from a magazine, I’m literally saying this from in person experience shooting multiple suppressors in multiple firearms with different actions and calibers. Yes, subsonic is quieter, and so is bolt action, but you will notice a significant difference in sound profile, recoil, and even less shockwave coming out of the end of the barrel from most rifles even without subsonic ammo. They are still loud (standing next to a rifle with a suppressor will still hurt your ears and require ear protection in most cases), but if you could hear a regular rifle from several blocks away, you wouldn’t even be able to tell if you were hearing a gunshot or not (if at all) if a suppressed rifle was fired.

      There’s a lot of partial truths floating around on the internet about guns so I thought I would add a little input since I spend all day every day with them.

    2. You’re literally talking about one firearm that’s not in this game. And yeah the only reason the MP5SD was designed that way was so NATO could continue using the same 9mm 124gr rounds they already have in abundance. Higher damage, well higher velocity means higher energy and if the energy is transferred into the target ideally for example with good hollow, soft point or just good ole yaw which 5.56 and .223(not in this game without mods I know but the M4 is and the devs too lazy to add another caliber) are known for then yes higher velocity will equal higher tissue damage. If the bullets over penetrate as with FMJs and they “sail right through” then yeah they’ll do less damage. With pistol calibers this all negligible at best rifles a little so. Personally it’s 2023 no one has an excuse to be ignorant with firearms and stupid movie and videogame tropes need to die. Realistic firearms in games balance themselves and I can suspend my disbelief for John Wick killing hundreds of henchmen but him and Common queefing at each other in a crowded subway is cringey AF and ruins the movie.

  2. Silencers IRL do not reduce velocity.
    Typically lower speed (sub-sonic) ammo is used with them in order to not have a sonic crack sound then the round breaks the speed of sound.

    1. there is one supressor for the MP5 wich reduces velocity and its propably the most usefull one in a zombie apocalypse because you dont need to have subsonic ammo for it. an actual silencer would just be an advanced flash hider if you dont have the correct ammo

  3. Irl silencers reduce muzzle velocity (are often used together with subsonic rounds as well), so the range should be reduced as well. Not sure why is this “realistic” then.

    1. Depends on the firearm in question as well as the type of suppressor being used…its usually just easier to nerf the gun in games to make up for the huge advantage that making less sound has so it doesn’t seem overpowered.

  4. Loaded this onto my server and it didn’t work so had all my users install it client side and it still isn’t working? Both Ranged damage and Effective Range are still going down.

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