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7 days to die riles fixes

TL;DR Description: Gameplay improvements/changes that keeps close to vanilla and works server side. Build/Upgrade 153 shapes out of several building materials! Variant block that includes ladders, bars, trussings, ibeams, catwalks, all in one! Block shape selection fits on one page! Localization updates. Pick up Lanterns/”good” Tires. And quite a lot more! See README for full details.

Everything is XML only, so it pushes to clients from servers!

Full List of Changes and Fixes (Since Version 1.04)

Block Improvements/Changes/Additions

  • 153 shapes are buildable, and now upgradeable, from variant blocks (wood frame, flagstone, scrap iron frame, wet concrete, rebar frame, and bulletproof glass).
  • Each material is color coded. IF YOU ARE COLOR BLIND, Riles will work with you to make it function.
  • Localization of blocks adjusted to help group block types together.
  • Ladders, Catwalks, Bars, Fences, iBeams, Trussings are now buildable from a single Variant Helper Block.
    • New materials were added where necessary to equalize the cost.
    • Upgrade goes from Crude Wood – Wood – Iron – Steel.
    • iBeams and Trussings can be built from original blocks or Iron variant.
  • Each WOOD FRAME blocks are actually wood frames.
  • Commercial/House doors can be built (accounting for brass) and upgraded to iron doors
  • Broken gravestones can be repaired to upright/fixed version
  • Stainless Steel Blocks
    • Takes 1 Steel Polish to upgrade a Steel Block into Stainless Steel
    • You can find it in the world
    • You can make it, AFTER you find the schematic for it.

Known Bug: When applying this update over a previous version of his mod, you will have a weird situation with your catwalk railings blocks. They will be replaced with a different block and you will be unable to place a new “railing” block in that spot. Could be other workarounds, but for the moment he found going into GOD mode (if an option for you), go into the terrain/wall and rebuild the catwalk with railings where they are intended to go to “replace” the hidden error. Maybe you could also “clear” that section if you have the admin permission.

Gameplay Changes

  • RESIZED SHAPE OPTIONS window to hold all 153 shape on one page.
  • Localization file updated to improve block names and better sorting of item parts and bundles.
  • Animal corpses stick around for 20 minutes instead of 5
  • Yellow Loot bags from zombies stick around Significantly longer
  • Lanterns, Burning Barrels, “good” tires and yellow flashlights can be picked up (flashlight turns into regular one)
  • Flashlights stack to 50, like torches
  • Vehicle Wheel Changes
    • Make a tire with acid OR pick up “good” tires found in the world
    • Make a wheel with a tire and mechanical parts
  • Archery Projectile Recipe changes
    • All require feathers, not plastic
    • Feathers can be made from plastic
    • Bolts and Arrows can be converted back and forth (exploding has a difference)
  • First Aid Bandages can also be made directly from a bandage
  • Car Salvaging, turned off damage passthrough as that limits salvaging amount
  • Anything that can be built as a bundle, can be rebundled
  • Clay Soil is now a bundleable resource through Art Of Mining Pallets perk

7 days to die riles fixes v1.04 additional screenshot 2

7 days to die riles fixes v1.04 additional screenshot 3

Download v1.06

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Riles

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