Sexy Trader Jen

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Everyone’s Favorite Trader seems to have had a run in with the undead. It’s seems that her clothes (or most of them, your choice) didn’t make it.



Jen shouldn’t slowly back away from you every time to get within shouting distance anymore.


Fixed missing layer warning.


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Credits: Aephrosi

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31 thoughts on “Sexy Trader Jen

  1. Да неработает когда заходишь на територию телепортирует обратно я сделал всё правильно

  2. This is a nice mod and all, But would it be possible to make it so she can change between the two packs? like she by default wears that skimpy outfit but you can ask her to get naked like the other form? or maybe something inbetween like flash her breasts and and strike a nice pose for a bit?

  3. It works as in Jen is now naked but she lost all her animations. Is there a fix for that? Like she doesn’t move at all anymore.

  4. I’m really not understanding how to install this skin. Yes, I read the files and the gif. Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction? Kindly yours.

  5. Nedávno byla aktualizace módu. Teď už z dálky vidím budovu, ne prázdné místo. Ale jak se přiblížím, konzole začne vypisovat stálé chyby. Hra se musí ukončit pak ALT+F4.
    Mód jsem měl nainstalovaný na serveru. Klienty ne.

      1. Tak to je škoda. Tím ten mód postrádá smysl na veřejném serveru. Nemohu ho použít. Škoda. Děkuji za informaci.
        Bohužel v popisu není psáno, že musí být i na klientu. Koukal jsem na config módu a usoudil, že nebylo třeba posílat všem.

  6. Jen shouldn’t slowly back away from you every time to get within shouting distance anymore.

    Even if you deserve it. 🙂

    1. I have found a temporary solution until it gets looked at. So what you do is you hit F1 which will open the commands. Type in “dm”. Hit ESC. On the lower right there should be an option to allow god mode. Once god mode is enabled No Collision and Fly should automatically be enabled. If not, simply click on said options to turn them on. Now while in flight mode, make sure your move speed while flying is at a decent speed (to increase or decrease speed while holding Shift hit the – for less speed or = for more speed) and then walk into Jen. You will be able to push her. Push her into all corners of the walls until she clips through the floor and you will be able to push her out of the trailer entirely and then push her into a spot where she will back up into a wall so she doesn’t go anywhere. (What I did was I pushed her back into the trailer up the stairs in front of the counter where you the player would normally stand). If this is too complicated here is a more simple alternative:

      Hit F1 to open the console. Type in “cm” and “dm” . Then hit F6 to bring up the spawner list. On the upper left corner there should be an option that says “Look at you” make sure that is checked. If you were to look to the right side of that, you should see “Dynamic spawner” and “Static Spawner”. Make sure to check “Static Spawner”. Next hit npc Trader Jen. (Note: Make sure the game is not on pause when performing this method and make sure that you look at the spot that you would want to the trader to spawn in) Hope this helps!

  7. Hey so I love the mod but I’m having an issue where every time Jen goes out of render distance, she kinda backs up a bit. And its now at the point where I can’t interact with her. I hope you may find something or I might find something on how to fix it.

  8. Nefunguje. Vyskakuje hrooooomada chyb. Přiblížím se k trader zóně, tak je vidět, že úplně zmizí. Neexistuje.
    Mód nahraný na stranu serveru. EAC vypnutý. Doufal jsem, že to je serverside mód, aby nemuseli stahovat všichni hráči. Škoda. Mód má super potenciál. Škoda, že nejde použít.

  9. finally somebody with culture. i requested more sexy stuff for year. now please make every zombie a sexy hottie.

  10. The mod is working guys. Jen is pretty sexy. If you want her to be much sexier, you have to make a very simple edit the entityclasses.xml file (Check the README).

    Thank you very much for this great mod!

    1. Come on folks. The mod file contains readme and gif. And you still ask, “what should we do?”

      Dude just read the README! And then check the gif. The modder has created a very descriptive folder for you.

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