Shop Keeping Mod

7 days to die shop keeping mod, 7 days to die trader

This is more a multiplayer mod.

Adds shop containers to the game so a player can set up a shop and sell stuff to other players. You can set your own asking price as well.

Thats right you can run your very own shop right here in the apocalypse. Who said you making money had to stop because the world ended.

As the shop keeper you are set to keep the shop supplied of stock. Players can buy items from you.

A player can craft certain shop containers to suit their business type they want to run.

Want to run a weapons and ammo store, you can make all the weapon shop containers and set the shop up how you like.

Want a coffee shop go for it set up your own coffee shop.

A brewery, well you can do that to.

You can even be a jack of all trades and set up shop with everything in it.


Great roleplay if you like. players can also request stuff from you if you so wish to go out and hunt for it, you can create stuff for another player of what they request and you can then set your price for it.


All shop containers are found under shop.

Due to the vending machine code to change the name of the vending machine being in the DLL and hard coded names will all be generic when you have placed the container down and even searching for shop containers in CM menu even tho you have put shop in and you scroll your mouse over it will come up with vending machine.

Simply create some player made signs and display it above the container to let others know what container it is.


Updated to A20.


If you appreciate Stallionsden’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stallionsden
Special Thanks: Spectral Force, JaxTeller718, Ghostreaver

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